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The first 2018 garden seedling has sprouted in the large indoor grow tent!

Hey everyone, well we’ve got our first seedling of the 2018 garden sprouted in the large indoor grow tent. It’s one of the Michal F1 eggplants and right now it’s about an inch tall. Here’s a photo:

First seedling for the 2018 garden

First seedling for the 2018 garden

As you can see in the photo I’ve covered the containers with some green house plastic scrap to give it a sprouting thermal barrier to the rest of the tent until they’ve all germinated. Then we’ll remove this and just let them acclimate to the fluctuations in the tent so they grow and harden off to the internal thermals (lights on/off and a little supplemental heat). The rest should be popping up in the next few weeks and we’ll be on our way sprouting our garden veggies for this years outdoor gardens. 🙂

This coming weekend is time to plant the tomato seeds…it’s so exciting seeing my little minions coming to life and knowing by summer I’ll be eating their bounty.

Time to head back into the battle of the weekly grind…I’ll take a light-roast with a mild grind please! Oh…get back to work Mr. Mann! See you guys next weekend. 🙂

Wake up…wake up!! It’s time to start the 2018 garden seedlings!

Hi Everyone, it’s that time of year to start the first seedling for the 2018 Pacific NW gardens! I absolutely love this time of year, don’t get me wrong, but just knowing in a few month’s I’ll be outside digging in the soil makes me just a little giddy (that sounded weird…coming from you Mr. Sasquatch). 🙂

This weekend I transitioned the lower half of our large led grow tent from lettuce greens over to the new plant propagation/seed starting area. Here’s a list of the components introduced for the 2018 season (some of which were re-purposed)

  • 1 – 48″x20″ Heat mat with digital thermostat controller (with probe)
  • 1 – 48″L x 30″W x 1″H Dog Crate Replacement Pans (used as the drip pan for seedling trays/containers)
  • 2 – T8 LED 5000k light fixtures (2 T8 bulbs in each fixture)
  • 2 – 300w LED Roleadro Grow Light Full Spectrum 2nd Generation Plant Light (these were already hanging here for the Asian greens previously growing under the bench)

Here’s a photo of the entire seed starting/grow area setup in the large grow tent. The first seedlings in the photo are eggplants:

Seedling growing area inside large grow tent

Seedling growing area inside large grow tent

Close-up of new seedling growing area in the large grow tent

Close-up of new seedling growing area in the large grow tent

We’ll it’s time to get back to work! On the urban homestead as well as my day job. 🙂

See y’all again next week, be safe and keep on growing.

Snow? Snow?! Snow!! on the urban homestead…

Hi Everyone, the weekend after returning from the business trip was a busy one. Getting all the plants back up from desert-mode and working on the homestead bedroom remodel was front and center, but by Monday (President’s Day 2018) we started seeing this white stuff falling from the sky! What the heck is that?! Is that snow!!!

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