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The invisible homesteader, spring is now summer, almost time for final crops in the ground

Hey everyone, we’ll it’s been a few weeks since I’ve updated the blog for our activities on the urban homestead. I was sick for a week and a half at the end of June with some kind of crazy summer cold (stuffed up head and coughing up flem…yuk). Since I haven’t put up a blog post in so long people might have thought I’d become…The Invisible Homesteader!! 🙂 Continue reading

Water from the gods, givin the fruit trees a treatment, and general urban homestead duties

Hey Everyone, It’s been a busy two weeks. I didn’t get a chance to post to the blog last week (sorry about that). But here’s what we got done this weekend:

  • Chop-n-drop more comfrey
  • Installed new sprinkler (and removed old drip lines)
  • Bend Asian Pear limbs to shape
  • Stake apple tree
  • Next round of foliar/fungal treatment for peach trees
  • Compost tea feeding of fruit trees
  • Setup shade cloth over deck garden boxes
  • Installed new bean trellis in the clover patch

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Planting the remaining 2018 garden veggies, replacing body mount bushings on farm truck, and seeding hundreds of annuals for urban homestead yard

Hey hey! Just thought I’d put out our post for this weekends projects. First was finishing the pre-summer work for the farm truck. As mentioned in last weeks post I replaced the radiator, belts, and hoses. So we’re good for the hot weather of summer to prevent breakdowns. Now this weekend first task of the day will be to replace the body mount bushings. These are what mounts the body of the truck to the frame, so you have a cushion effect to isolate road bumps from the passengers. These usually last quite a few years and the ones on this truck are original (10 years old). At this point in my vehicles ownership (based on age) I start pro-actively replacing suspension and drivetrain components just to prevent on-road breakdowns. Some of these components might still have a few years worth of life left, but having something like a radiator, hose, belt, or even a ball joint blow out leaving you stranded sucks. It can also eat up a weekend figuring out how to get a vehicle home or towed to a repair shop if you’re out of town…then you could be out hundred (and possibly thousands) of dollars. Continue reading

New overhead orchard-garden watering system, chop-n-drop some clover, and spreading the love with wildflowers

Hey Everyone, it’s been another busy weekend on the urban homestead. First things first, Paula and I had to pickup some supplies at the garden center (the organic garden soil in the photo is what we use for the indoor veggie grow operations):

Weekend project supplies for the urban homestead

Weekend project supplies for the urban homestead

With the supplies in hand and headed for home Paula and I formulated a plan…”Mr Mann you go out and do the dirty work and I’ll stay inside and make the Kefir and Kombucha…deal?”…”Yeas ma’am! That sounds good to me.” Continue reading