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Snow? Snow?! Snow!! on the urban homestead…

Hi Everyone, the weekend after returning from the business trip was a busy one. Getting all the plants back up from desert-mode and working on the homestead bedroom remodel was front and center, but by Monday (President’s Day 2018) we started seeing this white stuff falling from the sky! What the heck is that?! Is that snow!!!

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Back from Arizona…but that wasn’t the only desert I encountered

Hi Everyone, the trip to Arizona for work is over and I’m back in Oregon and looking forward to the warmer days. But as you can see from the title there was more than one desert I found…the other was when I return home. 🙂

As part of this work trip I got to visit my father and his wife’s house in West Phoenix and see their xeriscaped yard (which is completely appropriate for their climate). My father doesn’t have the gardening/homesteading bug like me, so they’re completely happy with just a few orange trees. It was a nice visit to the suburbs, but afterward I needed to feel the wide open spaces so the next day I took a drive out east of Chandler and headed for the hills. The drive took me up through Tortilla Flats on the Apache Trail road. The scenery out there was majestic desert and I took a number of photos and video. Here’s a few of the photos:

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Indoor homestead remodeling, harvesting indoor greens, and planning for seed starting

Hey Everyone, it’s been a busy last two weeks.

The main project I’ve been working on has been getting our second master bedroom on the lower level of our house ready to re-level the floor. With a 45+ year old house on a hill your inevitably going to have foundation settling and your floors will have some gangsta leaning going on. So, it was time to move everything out of the room (into the bathroom remodel area while we are waiting to order the tub and counters). Once the room was cleaned out I needed to pull up our new flooring we laid when we used this room as a place for Paula’s mother to live with us for a while (don’t ask…that generousity on our part wasn’t appreciated and the situation self-remedied itself with a move back to California 🙂 ). If we would have had time back then we’d have leveled the floor then, but there’s no time like the present to do things right on your house.

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New bean hutches, harvesting worm compost, new changes to the salad bar led, and the bathroom remodel continues

Hey Everyone, I worked on a few projects this weekend: a few new bean hutches, harvesting worm compost, reworking the layout of the salad bar led grow/harvest area, and the continued bathroom remodel.

The new bean hutch ideas are something I came up with at the end of the season last year, but wanted to wait until it was closer to this years spring season. We’ll that lasted until this weekend when the sun popped out and we had a seasonably warm day in the low-mid 50s…Mr Green Jeans came out and I was itching to get out in the soil! 🙂

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