About Us

We’re Just a wife and husband team trying to live a healthier life by producing and consuming healthy food and helping to repair the planet one backyard at a time.

Homestead Backyard
Our Backyard Hillside Summer 2016

Here’s a plot-map for our property that includes all of the trees/shrubs/bushes used in our urban orchard homestead.

  • Using the legends below you can find what the abbreviations of the plot-map are. For example, things on the plot-map like “bb” are blueberry bushes (we mapped all our fruit trees/perennial bushes and flowering shrubs this way).
  • The elements of the plot-map with a number/letter combination like “16p” represent a specific fruit tree variety with an associated type (like a->apple, p->pear/peach, where our example “16p” would be an Improved Elberta Peach).

We hope this kind of site mapping gives the viewer a high level overview to the true variety our homestead offers for plantings:

Homestead Backyard Plot Map

Plot map legend

fruit tree details