Water from the gods, givin the fruit trees a treatment, and general urban homestead duties

Hey Everyone, It’s been a busy two weeks. I didn’t get a chance to post to the blog last week (sorry about that). But here’s what we got done this weekend:

  • Chop-n-drop more comfrey
  • Installed new sprinkler (and removed old drip lines)
  • Bend Asian Pear limbs to shape
  • Stake apple tree
  • Next round of foliar/fungal treatment for peach trees
  • Compost tea feeding of fruit trees
  • Setup shade cloth over deck garden boxes
  • Installed new bean trellis in the clover patch

Here’s some photos of the backyard as we’re heading into June:

This is a short “what I got done” blog post (you know how I like to tell a good yarn) but it’s Sunday evening and Paula and I like to sit out on the back deck to talk about our future “beyond suburbia” homesteading plans as of late. 🙂

See y’all soon.