Homestead truck maintenance and putting in the first garden plants of the 2018 season

Whhhhhoooohhhhoooo Spring is here!!! This weekend was absolutely beautiful, Saturday was in the low 80s and Sunday I think got close to 90 here in the Pacific NW. For me it was bachelor’s weekend as Paula was down visiting her mother (and siblings) for Mother’s Day weekend. I spend Saturday working on the homestead truck installing a new radiator, thermostats, belts, and all the hoses. On a diesel this is no easy feat as there are multiple cooling systems sitting in front of the radiator. Over all this was a pretty fun day…when you get to be a mechanic on the weekends its fun…but I wouldn’t want to have that as my daily job again after being out of this line of work for over 20 years…:)

Sunday was spent planting, Yay! As I’m typing this blog entry I still have dirt under my finger nails…well still all up and down my arms, but come on!  I just don’t get this kind of one with nature experience writing software at work, so I like to stay like pigpen as long as possible on the weekend. I got 16 tomato plants in the ground around the yard in the garden boxes and planted 11 squash plants. We still have another 25+ tomatoes and 25+ squash to plant next weekend (OH THE TORTURE OF HAVING TO WAIT THAT LONG!). 🙂

Here’s some photos of the yard for the week on the urban homestead:

I just had to throw this one in there of our pugs sleeping and I startled Edgar the fawn pug “ugh…what to you want human…can’t you see I’m relaxing!” 

Ok, time to wrap things up and get cleaned up. We’re supposed to have a rain free week coming up so I might be able to get outside and start prepping the covered garden beds for next weekends mass planting. 🙂

Have a great week everyone.