Indoor homestead remodeling, harvesting indoor greens, and planning for seed starting

Hey Everyone, it’s been a busy last two weeks.

The main project I’ve been working on has been getting our second master bedroom on the lower level of our house ready to re-level the floor. With a 45+ year old house on a hill your inevitably going to have foundation settling and your floors will have some gangsta leaning going on. So, it was time to move everything out of the room (into the bathroom remodel area while we are waiting to order the tub and counters). Once the room was cleaned out I needed to pull up our new flooring we laid when we used this room as a place for Paula’s mother to live with us for a while (don’t ask…that generousity on our part wasn’t appreciated and the situation self-remedied itself with a move back to California 🙂 ). If we would have had time back then we’d have leveled the floor then, but there’s no time like the present to do things right on your house.

To do this right it was time to get the transit level out and start laser’ing around the room to find the low spots that will need to be shimmed to bring the floor closer to level. I’ve done the initial analysis of the room and marked it out, but next will be pulling up some of the old pressboard flooring so I can lay the shims on the plywood subfloor and blend them up to the remaining pressboard in the higher sections. That’s this weekends project and I’ll try and get some photos up for tracking the progress. 🙂

Lately we’ve been flush with lots of vegetable greens from our indoor grow operations. So far Paula and I are eating 5 meals a week with the base being something we’re producing on our little urban homestead. 4-5 nights are salad based meals (with our midsize grow then lettuces or the large grow tent kales). and 1-2 nights are the swiss chards saute’d and served as our greens with things like steak, buffalo burgers, or blackened chicken. This has really cut our need for purchasing expensive organic greens from the store. With everything I’m producing under our house Paula has seen the light of why I wanted to build such a setup. 😉
Here’s a link to a video I made showing just one evenings chard harvest and Paula cooking it down with some onions and mushrooms: 

Finally, it’s that time of year where I’m getting the outdoor gardening bug. With that comes the need to plan our seed orders and for most of this I’ll be going with our default vendor HighMowingSeed. This year we’ll be focusing on beans, squash, eggplants, and tomatoes. Not as many tomatoes as last year (gosh no!). This will give us a balance in the garden boxes for much more diversity in our long term canning and freezing, plus more variety for our summer meals. We’ll still have things like cucumbers, salad greens and herbs growing around the yard. But with the underhouse “no pest pressure” greens I just can’t bring myself to plant these outdoors until fall perhaps. Paula and I will be focusing on establishing chard beds in the yard as well using our deep rooted plants from the indoor grow tents.

Well, it’s time to sign off and get back into the work week groove…can’t wait for the transition to be more homestead work with focus on teaching and producing video content  and a lesser focus on technical work in an office. Wishing for this change wont get it done, so I’m building up the video content day by day so I should have over 500 videos by the end of 2018 (as of this posting we’ve got 213 in less than one year for an active channel).

Have a great week all!

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