New bean hutches, harvesting worm compost, new changes to the salad bar led, and the bathroom remodel continues

Hey Everyone, I worked on a few projects this weekend: a few new bean hutches, harvesting worm compost, reworking the layout of the salad bar led grow/harvest area, and the continued bathroom remodel.

The new bean hutch ideas are something I came up with at the end of the season last year, but wanted to wait until it was closer to this years spring season. We’ll that lasted until this weekend when the sun popped out and we had a seasonably warm day in the low-mid 50s…Mr Green Jeans came out and I was itching to get out in the soil! 🙂

Here’s a link to the Youtube video for the project:

By having a plant heater strapped to the outside of our worm composter it really keeps them working. This means a regular load of black gold is coming out every few weeks that needs to be used. The use this time was inside the new salad bar led trays as part of the deep soil mixture for the permanent chard bed that will reside there. Checkout the new setup in the latest Youtube video:

The final project task for this weekend was more work inside for the bathroom remodel. I’ve finished running all the new electrical for the bathroom fans, new lighting fixtures and the two ceiling vent fans (one over the shower and tub area for venting steam…the other is on the far side of the bathroom over the toilet area, so there is a vent that will clear out the “gas” of someone using the bathroom (this is a long bathroom and having one vent fan could be embarrassing for stinky #2 events). 🙂

We’ll the second week of 2018 is already done…soon it will be time for starting the spring garden plants in the indoor grow tents. Love this time of year planning our summer gardens. Have a great week everyone. 🙂