Monthly Archives: October 2017

Truck maintenance, harvesting indoor veggies, and planting next succession of grow tent seeds

Hey hey! Fall is here in full force on the urban homestead with cooler weather arriving (Brian’s still wearing his shorts, but it’s getting a little chilly). 🙂

  • Maintenance on the homestead truck
  • Planting more spring bulbs
  • Harvesting Goji’s berries
  • Harvesting the next set of salad greens from indoor grow tents
  • Seeding new salad green trays
  • New seeds from HighMowingSeeds have arrived
  • Our first swag from a vendor for our video channel

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70’s bathroom teardown, harvesting more fall berries and tomatoes, and putting Sasquatch on Youtube

Hi Everyone! Another weekends coming to an end, so we’re wrapping up the homestead tasks. Paula and I took a break on Saturday to relax and sit indoors and snuggle on the couch watching some Netflix movies…we needed a break from canning and dehydrating so the rainy wet weather was very conducive to just being slugs for a day. 🙂

Sunday it was back to harvesting, more bathroom demo/cleanout, and filming some videos for the Youtube channel. Here’s a breakdown of the one-day working weekend:

  • Bathroom tile tearout
  • Harvesting Goji berries, tomatoes, and apples
  • Feeding the compost worms
  • Youtube channel videos

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Planting fall bulbs and bathroom shower stall demolition

Hey everyone, it was another busy weekend here getting into the fall season. This will be just a quick update since we’re heading into the next weekend already (post is going up Friday). 🙂

Paula and I went out to the local garden center to pickup some more bulbs for the backyard hillside and organic bonemeal for the indoor veggie grow tents. With plenty of time left in the day Paula spent the afternoon outside harvesting some of the late ripening tomatoes while I went around planting clusters of bulbs. This round of planting included 140 yellow & 40 white (with pink center) Daffodil Narcissus as well as 8 specialty variants with all pink pedals.

These new additions, plus the hundreds more we’ll be planting this fall in the front and backyard will really complete our bulb plantings from last year. The moles don’t seem to eat these (as well as deer) so at least we’re putting in bulbs now that will last until we move to our new farmstead. Over the last 3 years we were putting hundreds of tulip bulbs in only to see them never show up the following year due to mole pressure.

This was demo day for the old master bathroom, so far I’ve ripped out the old cabinets/counter, old nasty carpet/pad. My time this weekend was cutting up all the old cabinets to put into our over-sized trashcan as well as demo’ing the tile tub surround (including all the drywall).

Demo of the old master bathroom counter/cabinets and the shower tile surround

Demo of the old master bathroom counter/cabinets and the shower tile surround


We’ll were ramping up for the coming weekend with more demo in the old bathroom (ripping up the pressboard flooring and hauling old tile out to the trash can). Then on Sunday Paula and I will be out planting more fall bulbs in anticipation of Spring 2018. 🙂