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Storage area cleanup, planning the upcoming garden harvests, and making more Youtube videos around the urban homestead

Hi Everyone, this is going to be a slightly shorter blog update. This weekend Paula and I were busy cleaning up the storage area under our house and getting rid of a bunch of stuff that wasn’t being used anymore. We donated a bunch and recycled the rest.

Besides this we made a bunch of videos around the urban homestead featuring Paula and Sasquatch (me/Brian). As part of these walks around the homestead we started planning this weeks harvest plans…it’s tomato/tomatillo dehydrating time! 🙂

Here’s the list of our new Youtube videos:

  • Video: Tomatoes in a bag update week 13
  • Video: Layered garden beds update
  • Video: Garden box tomato update
  • Video: Peach tree almost ready for harvest
  • Video: Plant propagation bed update moving toward end of summer
  • Video: Grow tent update for large LED tent with tomatoes, basil, and our happy little poinsettia
  • Video: Grow tent update for mid-size LED tent with salad greens
  • Video: LED grow bench our chard and beta salad mix are ready for first harvest
  • Video: Elevated garden box closer to next harvest

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New garden boxes, potato tower disappointment and regroup, and lots of new videos with “black beard”

Hey hey! Brian here with another update for PnBHomesteading. This weekend was pretty busy with the harvesting of the potato towers (which was a little disappointing, but more on that below) and building some new garden boxes to extend use of our backyard hillside for food production. So without further delay lets get into the details of what we got accomplished:

  • Potato tower harvest…or what Paula and I are calling “gathering the scraps”
  • New layered garden boxes
  • Time for peach harvest (maybe a week later than they should’ve been taken)
  • Video: Raised garden box update
  • Video: Large grow tent update
  • Video: New mid-size grow tent update
  • Video: Plant propagation bed update
  • Video: Tomatoes in a bag update week 12
  • Video: Tomatoes gone wild

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Mother Earth News Fair 2017 Albany Oregon, seeding new grow tent, and video updates

Hi Everyone, Paula and I had a great time at the motherearthnews fair down in Albany Oregon this past weekend. It wasn’t as big an event as last year (read below for more details), but it was still a great event. We saw lots of presentations from people out on their homesteads & farms doing things or what I love to say as “getting s%&t done!”. These kinds of events are always so inspiring to Paula and myself. Without further adieu here’s what we got done on our limited homestead task weekend…sometimes we need a break to learn and relax. 🙂

  • Mother Earth News Fair 2017 Albany Oregon
  • Video: Large indoor grow tent update
  • Video: Medium indoor grow tent update
  • Video: Tomato bag update week 11
  • Video: Salad bar LED area update
  • Video: Pugs raiding the peas

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