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Assembling and filling the new leafy greens grow tent, adding driplines, and assembling PnB end of day relaxation furniture

Hey Hey! Welcome back to another edition of the PnB Homestead show! Just kidding, it was a great weekend and we’re excited to share with you what we got accomplished this weekend. From the new grow tent project to adding more irrigation during the heatwave and the addition of videos, videos and more videos to our Youtube channel. We’ve even got Paula starting to get on camera…it’s been a busy weekend, so without further adieu lets roll! 🙂

Here’s this weekends tasks:

  • Assembling and filling the new indoor grow tent
  • Adding driplines for existing garden boxes and our blueberries
  • Assembling new outdoor furniture
  • Adding possible revenue for PnB Homesteading by becoming an Amazon Affiliate
  • Video: Plant propagation bed update
  • Video: Urban homestead backyard walk
  • Video: New indoor grow tent
  • Video: Salad bar LED transition to seed germination area
  • Video: Large indoor grow tent update on existing tomato and new tomato cuttings
  • Video: Tomatoes in a bag update week 10

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Tomato plant trimming update, plant propagation bed, and cleaning up the indoor grow tent

Hey everyone! Sorry we didn’t get a post up last weekend after finishing our work; Paula was processing Kombucha and Kefir (which this week should be her first video up on the Youtube channel…yay!) while I was busy cleaning out the indoor veggie grow tent in anticipation of the new grow tent I’ll be setting up for just our leafy greens. So lets get right to the details:

  • More tomato plant trimming
  • Plant propagation bed update
  • Asian pear seedlings update
  • Grow tent cleanup and update on new tent
  • Video: Tomatoes in a bag update week 9
  • Video: Cat pug sleeping on top of couch

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Finished farm truck steering parts replacement, chop-n-drop comfrey, and more videography work

Hey Hey Everyone! We’ll I’ve finished the work on the farm truck steering components replacement (on a 1 ton truck this can be quite the feat of wills muscling the parts in and out). With that finished Paula and I spent some time outside chopping and dropping a few early summer plants in the front yard as well as chopping comfrey around the fruit trees. Then as a treat to ourselves we relaxed around the firepit. Enough teasing…lets get to right into the list of tasks:

  • Farm truck steering component replacement finished
  • Chop-n-drop comfrey
  • Fixed kitchen sink spray nozzle hose
  • Relaxing by the firepit with a beautiful woman
  • Video: Tomato potting soil grow bag update
  • Video: Rolling garden box update
  • Video: Tomato plant trimming update
  • Video: Plant propagation area update
  • Video: Chop-n-drop comfrey video (before and after)
  • Video: Indoor veggie grow tent
  • Photos of the homestead

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Fixing farm truck and moving daughter to new apartment

Hey everyone, this weekend was really busy and didn’t allow too much dirt-time for us on the urban homestead. Let’s get going with our to-do list:

  • Replacing the trackbar balljoint and bushing on farm truck
  • Moving our daughter to her new apartment
  • Harvesting more strawberries (and pugs getting their share)
  • Paula made more Kombucha and Kefir
  • Paula’s early B-day gift is on its way…
  • Video: Quick backyard walk around homestead
  • Video: Tomato potting soil bag update week 7
  • Backyard photos

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