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Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes!, dehydrating and canning, and installing new irrigation

Hey everyone, we’re back again to give you an update on the tasks finished this past weekend. 🙂 Here’s what we worked on:

  • Harvesting, blanching/roasting, dehydrating our abundant tomato harvests
  • Harvesting peaches
  • Installing new upper backyard hillside irrigation
  • Installing new LED lighting in the mid-size grow tent
  • Video: Video tour backyard garden
  • Video: Our organic tomato harvest update
  • Video: Dehydrated peaches and fresh tomato and basil salad
  • Video: Property walk on our urban homestead labor day weekend 2017
  • Video: Elevated garden box update
  • Video: Salad bar LED microgreens grow area update
  • Video: Grow tent update for large LED tent with tomatoes, basil, and some spinach greens
  • Video: Grow tent update for mid-size LED tent with salad and microgreens
  • Video: Plant propagation bed update
  • Video: Tomatoes in a bag update week 15
  • Video: Seeding microgreens for mid-size led grow tent
  • Video: Just one mornings harvest of tomatoes
  • Video: Paula’s preparations for canning homemade salsa
  • Photos of the urban homestead backyard

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Fixing farm truck and moving daughter to new apartment

Hey everyone, this weekend was really busy and didn’t allow too much dirt-time for us on the urban homestead. Let’s get going with our to-do list:

  • Replacing the trackbar balljoint and bushing on farm truck
  • Moving our daughter to her new apartment
  • Harvesting more strawberries (and pugs getting their share)
  • Paula made more Kombucha and Kefir
  • Paula’s early B-day gift is on its way…
  • Video: Quick backyard walk around homestead
  • Video: Tomato potting soil bag update week 7
  • Backyard photos

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Sunflower islands, cutting comfrey, tomato bag progress, and making lots of videos

Hi Everyone, Paula and I were busy busy busy this weekend. With Paula arranging the move of her mother it’s been a stressful time for her, so staying out of the way was my main job this weekend. To help relieve the stress I went to work planting the one thing that Paula loves best, sunflowers…so creating the new sunflower islands was top priority. 🙂

Lets get rights into the tasks we got accomplished here on the urban homestead:

  • Planting more sunflower islands
  • Composting the potato towers
  • Changing oil on Prius
  • Starting more trays of salad greens
  • Video: Worm compost harvesting
  • Video:Growing tomato plants in potting soil bags week 2 update
  • Video: Deck garden box update
  • Video: Compost tea brewing setup
  • Video: Baby birds
  • Video: Bird feeding station
  • Video: Yard walk
  • Video: Seeding salad green trays for indoor grow tent
  • Backyard urban orchard/garden photos

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Mending fences, comfrey in your tea, and chive on with the dragons!

It’s Saturday evening…do you know where your homestead is!? 🙂

It’s been a busy day, so lets get right to it:

  • Feeding the worms more compostables
  • Mending fences
  • Its time for the comfrey to go into the tea
  • Chive on with the dragons: Planting chives, kale, and carrots
  • Return to Thunder Dome!

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