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Paula’s Instagram feed is now linked to the PnB Homesteading blog!

Hey everyone! Since Paula spends more time taking photos of her homesteading tasks than writing the blog posts we wanted to get more of her content shared for all of you to enjoy (and who doesn’t like kicking back to peruse some cool photos 🙂 ).

So without further adeau here’s Paula’s latest posts on Instagram…checkout out the tomatoes!


Tomato overload with lots of dehydrating and harvesting berry crops

Hey Hey! Brian here for the weekend update on the urban homestead. If you’ve been keeping up on the blog and our Youtube channel you’ll know Paula and I have been running full speed to keep up with the tomato production this year. I knew this would be a heavy year for production with the 66 tomato plants, but WOW! This has been a crazy amount!! Finding time to update the blog and film the videos makes for a busy weekend…but that is what makes this so fun, sharing the results of our efforts with our online friends. 🙂

So, lets get started with the update:

  • Harvesting and dehydrating tomatoes
  • Harvesting Blueberries, Goji berries, and Blackberries
  • Harvesting lettuce and microgreens from the Salad bar LED grow area
  • Feeding the compost worms
  • Purchasing homestead elliptical machine
  • Videos

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Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes!, dehydrating and canning, and installing new irrigation

Hey everyone, we’re back again to give you an update on the tasks finished this past weekend. 🙂 Here’s what we worked on:

  • Harvesting, blanching/roasting, dehydrating our abundant tomato harvests
  • Harvesting peaches
  • Installing new upper backyard hillside irrigation
  • Installing new LED lighting in the mid-size grow tent
  • Video: Video tour backyard garden
  • Video: Our organic tomato harvest update
  • Video: Dehydrated peaches and fresh tomato and basil salad
  • Video: Property walk on our urban homestead labor day weekend 2017
  • Video: Elevated garden box update
  • Video: Salad bar LED microgreens grow area update
  • Video: Grow tent update for large LED tent with tomatoes, basil, and some spinach greens
  • Video: Grow tent update for mid-size LED tent with salad and microgreens
  • Video: Plant propagation bed update
  • Video: Tomatoes in a bag update week 15
  • Video: Seeding microgreens for mid-size led grow tent
  • Video: Just one mornings harvest of tomatoes
  • Video: Paula’s preparations for canning homemade salsa
  • Photos of the urban homestead backyard

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Garden harvest, indoor grow tent updates, and hitting 100 videos on our Youtube channel

Hey Hey! It’s Paula and Brian back again for the weekly update of our little urban homestead. Paula has been harvesting Blueberries and Blackberries from the backyard quite a few times this week and with the tomatoes coming into full production she’s been a busy little trooper (I’ve been helping where I can after getting home from work 🙂 ). Also of note: our Youtube channel has crossed over the 100 video threshold…yay! At this rate we should be able to get at least 300 videos by the end of the year. This is more than just a video series to try and derive some passive income, it’s our way of documenting for our possible future grandchildren (and great grandchildren) a way to get to know us even if we’re not present to help teach them about gardening or homesteading.

So lets get to the details and some photos:

  • Harvesting blueberries and blackberries
  • Harvesting tomatoes, tomatillos, beans and dehydrating tomatoes
  • Updates to indoor grow tents
  • Watching the 100 year solar eclipse

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