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Planting fall bulbs and bathroom shower stall demolition

Hey everyone, it was another busy weekend here getting into the fall season. This will be just a quick update since we’re heading into the next weekend already (post is going up Friday). 🙂

Paula and I went out to the local garden center to pickup some more bulbs for the backyard hillside and organic bonemeal for the indoor veggie grow tents. With plenty of time left in the day Paula spent the afternoon outside harvesting some of the late ripening tomatoes while I went around planting clusters of bulbs. This round of planting included 140 yellow & 40 white (with pink center) Daffodil Narcissus as well as 8 specialty variants with all pink pedals.

These new additions, plus the hundreds more we’ll be planting this fall in the front and backyard will really complete our bulb plantings from last year. The moles don’t seem to eat these (as well as deer) so at least we’re putting in bulbs now that will last until we move to our new farmstead. Over the last 3 years we were putting hundreds of tulip bulbs in only to see them never show up the following year due to mole pressure.

This was demo day for the old master bathroom, so far I’ve ripped out the old cabinets/counter, old nasty carpet/pad. My time this weekend was cutting up all the old cabinets to put into our over-sized trashcan as well as demo’ing the tile tub surround (including all the drywall).

Demo of the old master bathroom counter/cabinets and the shower tile surround

Demo of the old master bathroom counter/cabinets and the shower tile surround


We’ll were ramping up for the coming weekend with more demo in the old bathroom (ripping up the pressboard flooring and hauling old tile out to the trash can). Then on Sunday Paula and I will be out planting more fall bulbs in anticipation of Spring 2018. 🙂

Happy worms, trimming back, harvesting apples, and demo work

Hey Everyone. It’s been another busy weekend here on the urban homestead; from harvesting our apples to trimming back some growth it’s fall once again and everything is getting ready for the big slow down. So, let’s get right to the tasks Paula and I accomplished this weekend:

  • Feeding the worms
  • Trimming back the blackberries <get photo>
  • Feeding the roses
  • Transplanting Paula’s new trellising Crimson Suntory plant
  • More demo’ing the old master bedroom bath
  • Harvesting the Liberty & Granny Smith apples and possibly our last crops of ripe tomatoes
  • Stair step garden beds and progress of peas, beans, and cover crop
  • Cleaned and filled all the bird feeders to help our little feathered pest eradicators
  • Videos
  • Photos of the urban homestead backyard

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Our fall harvest is coming to a close…time to start planning for next year!

Hey Everyone, Brian here with a quick blog post.

With fall harvest fast approaching on our little urban homestead it’s that time again where our minds begins to wander in thinking about next springs plantings…I know crazy right! But late summer evenings sitting on our back deck Paula and I enjoy envisioning where we’ll be adding new wild flower islands, perennial bushes, etc….

So some of the ideas for the fall 2017/spring 2018 plantings:

  • Removing much of this years soil repairing clover and replacing with wild flower islands
  • Islands of red currant bushes and variegated weigala
  • Transplanting blueberry bushes from the front yard to a new blueberry island
  • Purchasing wildflower seed mixes
  • Purchasing lettuce/microgreen mixes for indoor grow operation
  • Producing more Youtube videos 🙂
  • Biggest new thing for the urban homestead…chickens!

So that last bullet point is the most exciting to me (Brian) for things to add in 2018 because it’s the one thing I’ve wanted to have since getting back into gardening/homesteading at our home. It takes me back to when I was a kid at my grandparents farm going out in the morning and collecting fresh eggs. So, this spring I’ll start building our chicken house under our deck and creating an enclosed run. There’s already a 10’x10′ covered area from our kitchen overhang, but I’ll also be adding plastic panels under the deck to create a large 40’x 20′ dry run area for them to roam. Then I’ll be adding a chicken door to let them out of their fenced in (and secure) area to roam our former lawn area (that is now a clover patch) to get our into the sun using electro-netting (like I’ve seen used by Justin Rhodes on his Youtube channel (Justin Rhodes).

We’ll it’s time to wrap this blog post up and head under the house to do some microgreens harvesting and seeding 2 new trays of greens from the seeds I just received from HighMowingSeed.

Bye everyone! 🙂

Sharing the bounty, more canning/dehydrating, installing the new LED grow lights, and the return of rain

Hi everyone, it’s been another busy week of harvesting tomatoes for Paula and I; together we picked probably another 30-40lbs. We’ve got plenty for the rest of the season of canning/dehydrating, so it’s time to share the bounty with our friends and neighbors. Friday afternoon Paula wandered the neighborhood with her bushel basket of tomatoes offering to all as many as they wanted. 🙂
Besides this we caned approx. 30 more jars of tomatoes and dehydrated another bag and 2 jars of tomatoes/tomatillos for use in this winters soups and stews.

  • Canning and Dehydrating
  • Paula’s Instagram photos
  • Video: Tomatoes in a bag update week 17
  • Video: Plant propagation update entering fall
  • Video: More organic tomato harvesting
  • Video: Organic golden delicious happy fruit
  • Video: Backyard panorama from our deck end of summer update
  • Video: The new LED grow lights
  • Video: Grow tent update for large LED tent with tomatoes, basil, and some spinach greens
  • Video: Our seed order came in
  • Video: Grow tent update for mid-size LED tent with salad and microgreens
  • Video: Salad bar LED microgreens grow area update
  • Video: Paula’s canned and dehydrated tomatoes
  • The return of the rain

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