Back from Maui and boy it’s cold on the urban homestead

Hey everyone (Aloha!), Paula and I just got back from Maui and BOY was it beautiful…with that we’ve started looking at some property there, but the prices on Maui are a little steep. So, we’re looking at some larger property (20+ acres) on the Big Island so we could have a little more space. Also, we’re going to need to setup solar and a few small wind turbines since power is around $.30kWh compared to $.10kWh in Oregon. Some areas where we’re looking are around the wetter side (south of Hilo) and on the other side of the island over by Kailua-Kona (I’m good either way dry or wet). Some one said while we were there in Maui “if you don’t like the weather on any particular day in Hawaii you can just drive to another climate and get what you want”; there are 13 climate zones in the Hawaiian Islands, so that sounded great to Paula and I. πŸ™‚

I’ll try and put up a regular update this coming weekend with some of our photos from the vacation. Bye everyone!

Herbs a plenty, new automated watering, and feeding the worms

Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of posting a blog recently; things were pretty busy around here with fall arriving. From raking leaves into the garden beds and around the berry bushes (never waste free mulch :)) to cleaning out the gutters a number of times no spare minute was wasted. Here’s a list of things we finished over the last two weekends:

  • New indoor herb plantings
  • Addition to the automated watering system for indoor grow tent
  • Cleaning gutters and the yard
  • Installing new drip tray systems into the midsize grow tent as well as the salad bar led area
  • Updating the hard drive in our security system server
  • Feeding the worms

We’ll skip the details for these as Paula and I are preparing for our 7 day trip…to beautiful Maui! πŸ™‚

Talk to you again once we return rejuvenated from the Hawaiian sun.

Truck maintenance, harvesting indoor veggies, and planting next succession of grow tent seeds

Hey hey! Fall is here in full force on the urban homestead with cooler weather arriving (Brian’s still wearing his shorts, but it’s getting a little chilly). πŸ™‚

  • Maintenance on the homestead truck
  • Planting more spring bulbs
  • Harvesting Goji’s berries
  • Harvesting the next set of salad greens from indoor grow tents
  • Seeding new salad green trays
  • New seeds from HighMowingSeeds have arrived
  • Our first swag from a vendor for our video channel

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70’s bathroom teardown, harvesting more fall berries and tomatoes, and putting Sasquatch on Youtube

Hi Everyone! Another weekends coming to an end, so we’re wrapping up the homestead tasks. Paula and I took a break on Saturday to relax and sit indoors and snuggle on the couch watching some Netflix movies…we needed a break from canning and dehydrating so the rainy wet weather was very conducive to just being slugs for a day. πŸ™‚

Sunday it was back to harvesting, more bathroom demo/cleanout, and filming some videos for the Youtube channel. Here’s a breakdown of the one-day working weekend:

  • Bathroom tile tearout
  • Harvesting Goji berries, tomatoes, and apples
  • Feeding the compost worms
  • Youtube channel videos

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